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Classical: New Label Arco Diva


Arco Diva is based in Prague of the Czech Republic, the Arco Diva Label is a comprehensive production company which has since the second half of the 1990's has been publishing top grade recordings of Classical music and spoken word, using state of the art technology DSD for SACD or DVD.

We will be adding the CD's as they come in. Check back often for more CD's and information about Arco Diva.

Classical: New Label Antes Edition


Antes Editions is an ambitious independent German label for classical and contemporary music. We will be adding the CD's as they come in. Check back often for more CD's and information about Antes Edition.

Antes Edition is a label under the auspices of Bella Musica.

Classical New Releases


New releases are now available from Aliud, ABC Classics, Regis Records, Simax and Aurora. More will be coming soon.

Look for more releases each Tuesday.

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New Classical & Jazz Label: Acousence Records


Premiere Music Distributors welcomes Acousence Records. This both a Classical and Jazz label. Some of the Classical CDs are now available and the Jazz CDs will be coming soon. We will be working to provide them as quickly as possible.

Acousence Records:
A love of music, therefore, and fascination with the potential it has for affecting us play a central role in our work at ACOUSENCE. In our increasingly technology-dominated multimedia world, it is easy however to forget the main task of music. Only if the expressive force is right can musical recordings provide more than just musical backdrop to paper over silence.

Click here for the Classical information.

Click here for the Jazz information.