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KEMPFF: Piano Music

KEMPFF: Piano Music

Catalog Number: VMS623
Label: VMS Musical Treasures
Format: CD

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Price: $13.99

Categories: Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Wilhelm Kempff
Performers: Rüdiger Steinfatt

Wilhelm Kempff (1895-1991)

Rhapsodic Prelude op. 44
Italian Suite (Ischia Suite) op. 68
Lyric Suite in E, op. 17, Nr. 1
Six Short Piano Pieces
Fantasia for Piano from the opera "Familie Gozzi"
(Arr. Leopold Weninger)

Rüdiger Steinfatt, piano

From earliest childhood, music was the most important thing in life for Wilhelm Kempff. His first compositions date from 1901. In 1932 he was elected to membership of the Prussian Academy of Arts as a composer. Kempff's style of composition is imaginative and varied. His works are characterised by aesthetic beauty, depth, dramatic tension and lyricism. After the Second World War he became more and more in demand as a pianist and enjoyed world-wide adulation. Composition as an activity became sidelined and more or less ceased around 1961. The piano pieces in this CD were composed between 1921 and 1958.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Rhapsodic Prelude op. 4411:54
Italian Suite op. 68 (Ischia Suite)
2Invocation: The distant shore2:36
3Pastorale: Pan's flute before the church door2:41KEMPFF: Piano Music - Pastorale: Pan's flute before the church door
4Lamento der/of Vittoria Colonna2:45
Lyric Suite in E, op. 17, Nr. 1
6Leise bewegt/With gentle motion2:19KEMPFF: Piano Music - Leise bewegt/With gentle motion
7Lento malinconico3:43
9Allegretto, molto dolce3:22KEMPFF: Piano Music - Allegretto, molto dolce
10Choral: Sehr getragen/ very sustained1:40
Six Short Piano Pieces
11A Russian Easter Morning2:22
12Bird Music1:32KEMPFF: Piano Music - Bird Music
14Boletus and Parasol Mushroom1:32
15Swedish Wedding Music4:00KEMPFF: Piano Music - Swedish Wedding Music
16The Night of fishermen and lovers4:47
17Fantasia for Piano from the opera "Familie Gozzi" op. 3912:29