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KROMMER: Flute Quintets

KROMMER: Flute Quintets

Catalog Number: VMS102
Label: VMS Musical Treasures
Format: CD

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Price: $15.99

Categories: Chamber Music
Classical Periods: Classical, Romantic

Composers: Franz Krommer
Performers: Bruno Meier, Stamitz Quartet Prague

Franz Krommer (1759-1831)

Bruno Meier, flute
Stamitz Quartet Prague

The style of the Moravian composer's about 300 compositions exhibits the influence of Mozart and Beethoven and favours various Czech folk-music forms. Firmly rooted in Viennese classical music, Krommer was at his best with his flute quintets which appeared throughout his career as a composer and were ahead of their time. Three quintets for the unusual combination of flute, violin, 2 violas and cello are presented here for the first time.

Track ListingTimeMP3
Quintet in D minor op. 92
1Allegro moderato5:37
3Menuetto3:57KROMMER: Flute Quintets - Menuetto
4Allegro vivace3:45
Quintet in E flat major op. 104
5Allegro moderato8:56
6Andante10:13KROMMER: Flute Quintets - Andante
Quintet in E flat major op. 66
9Allegro moderato8:00KROMMER: Flute Quintets - Allegro moderato
10Andante moderato6:55
12Finale5:09KROMMER: Flute Quintets - Finale