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Catalog Number: UP0097
Label: Arco Diva
Format: CD

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Price: $15.99

Jindřich Feld (1925-): Musique concertante for flute, alto, harpe and strings (WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING)
Zdeněk Lukáš (1928-0): Music for Harp and Strings
Viktor Kalabis Tristium (1923-2006): Concert Phantasy for Viola and Strings
Jindřich Feld: Sonate for flute and string orchestra

Carlo Jans, flute
Jitka Hosprová, viola
Kateřina Englichová, harp

Prague Chamber Orchestra
AntonĂ­n Hradil, director

Track ListingTimeMP3
Feld: Musique Concertante for flute, viola, harpe and strings
1l. Allegro deciso7:21
2ll. Tranquillo ma con moto6:23
3lll. Allegro giocoso6:06FELD/KALBIS/LUKAS: Concertos - lll. Allegro giocoso
Lukas: Music for Harp and Strings
4l. 2/44:34
5ll. 3/45:25
6lll. 2/45:53FELD/KALBIS/LUKAS: Concertos - lll. 2/4
7Kalabis: Concert Phantasy for Viola and Strings12:11
Feld: Sonate for flute and string orchestra
8l. Allegro giocoso4:45
9ll. Grave7:48FELD/KALBIS/LUKAS: Concertos - ll. Grave
10lll. Allegro vivace7:11

Here's an imaginative disc--extremely well played and recorded--featuring music that will be new to, well, just about everyone. Jindrich Feld's Musique concertante for flute, viola, harp, and strings has a lot going for it: imaginative use of timbre, bracing motoric rhythms, and a sort of atonal but melodic style that (perhaps because of the harp) avoids turning dry or dull. His Sonata for flute and strings is less harmonically acerbic, and is quite a worthy addition to the limited list of fine modern works for this combination. It would be very nice to hear it in concert.

Viktor Kalabis' Tristium is a bit of a slog--a 12-minute essay in gloom; but Zdenek Lukáš' Music for Harp & Strings is quite a find. More avowedly tonal than any of the other pieces, it's nonetheless never sappy nor hackneyed, and is often quite beautiful. As already suggested, the performances are really good: Katerina Englichová plays a mean harp, while Carlo Jans' flute has a sweet timbre without too much breathiness. The Prague Chamber Orchestra does its usual fine job under Antonin Hradil's capable direction. Definitely worth considering.
David Hurwitz, Classics Today