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GREIF: Quartet for Strings No. 4 'Ulysses'

GREIF: Quartet for Strings No. 4 'Ulysses'

Catalog Number: TRI331122
Label: Triton
Format: CD

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Olivier Greif (1950-2000)

Quatuor à cordes No. 4 'Ulysses'

Ensemble Syntonia
Pascal Oddon, violon
Mathieu Godefroy, violon
Anne-Aurore Anstett, alto
Patrick Langot, violoncelle

In recording these quartets for strings, the Ensemble Syntonia were the preoccupied with an authenticity sought by the composer and were fortunate to work with him and complete this work just weeks before his untimely death. This work of more than 50 minutes can be connected with a private diary, where the composer delivers his vision of the world to us, very marked by its Jewish origins of Central Europe.

Track ListingTimeMP3
GREIF: Quatuor a cordes n 4 Ulysses
1The jew's daughter9:47
2...among the dead6:35GREIF: Quartet for Strings No. 4 'Ulysses' - ...among the dead
3(Ghost) Langser Midang - "Le delegue de la population pare du costume de cour"5:37
4Bourbonnais!4:34GREIF: Quartet for Strings No. 4 'Ulysses' - Bourbonnais!
5Night hunt6:05
6Hoopsa, boyaboy, hoopsa!3:47GREIF: Quartet for Strings No. 4 'Ulysses' - Hoopsa, boyaboy, hoopsa!
8Presentation de l'oeuvre par le compositeur7:01GREIF: Quartet for Strings No. 4 'Ulysses' - Presentation de l'oeuvre par le compositeur