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GREIF: Chants de L'âme

GREIF: Chants de L'âme

Catalog Number: TRI331101
Label: Triton
Format: CD

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Olivier Grief (1950-2000)

Lettres de Westerbork
Chants de L'âme

Doris Lamprecht, mezzo-soprano
Alexis Galpérine, violin
Eric Crambes, violin
Jennifer Smith, soprano
Olivier Grief, piano

Olivier Greif (1950-2000) was constantly inhabited by a metaphysical thought which was for him a powerful feast of inspiration "death, entrusted it, is omnipresent in my life and in my thoughts". It is inspired here by poems of the time Elisabethian and puts himself at the piano to accompany the soprano Jennifer Smith. A Triton World Premier recording.

Track ListingTimeMP3
GREIF Lettres de Westerbork
1L'arrviee - Arrival4:28
2La Nuit - Night3:55
3La Depart - Departure6:40GREIF: Chants de L'âme - La Depart - Departure
Chants de L'ame
4The Tyger - Le Tigre3:03
5Deniall - Refus6:01
6Death be not proud - Ne va t'enorgueillir, o Mort1:58GREIF: Chants de L'âme - Death be not proud - Ne va t'enorgueillir, o Mort
7Sic Vita - Sic Vita2:47
8Holy Sonnet - Sonnet Sacre'6:59
9Vertue - Vertu4:51GREIF: Chants de L'âme - Vertue - Vertu
10Song - Chanson4:41
11Motification - Mortification8:57
12Peace - Paix6:42GREIF: Chants de L'âme - Peace - Paix