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Amid the Jasmine

Catalog Number: SR5766
Label: Independent Artists
Format: CD

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Price: $15.99

Amid the Jasmine

The Gerard Edery Ensemble

This album is dedicated to the many who lost their lives in the natural and man-made disasters of 2005. Your were in our thoughts and prayers during the creation and recording of this album.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Hija Mia4:15
3Ojos Asesinos5:00Amid the Jasmine - Ojos Asesinos
4Entre las Huertas Paseando4:58
5Where Corals Lie4:00
6El Galanteo3:27Amid the Jasmine - El Galanteo
7Tres Hermanicas4:26
8El Encuentro Nocturno5:05
9Kochav Tsedek4:27Amid the Jasmine - Kochav Tsedek
10La Ley Estimada3:30
11Por Amar Una Donzella4:53

"Edery's rich forceful baritone, the instrumental and percussion back-ups and sultry vocals add up to passionate and virtuoso musical experiences."
Ottawa Jewish Bulletin