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Bass Trip

Bass Trip

Catalog Number: PSC1288
Label: Simax
Format: CD

Available: 2
Price: $15.99

Works of: Teppo Hauta-Aho, Arvo Pärt, Paul Ramsier, Jon Øivind Ness, Mario Lavista, Henrik Hellstenius, Lars Petter Hagen, Stefan Schäfer, PÍteris Vasks

Dan Styffe, double bass
Gonzalo Moreno, piano
Øystein Birkeland, cello
Catherine Bullock, viola
Susanna Wallumrød, vocal
Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen, percussion

Solo bass-player with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra Dan Styffe launches his third solo album with brand new repertoire for the instrument. Nine composers, including such well-known names as Pärt and Vasks, allow Styffe to really excel together with a handful of the foremost Norwegian musicians today.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Teppo Hauta-Aho: Kadenza5:56
2Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel9:32
3Paul Ramsier: Sahara Rainforest (Zoo of Dreams III)7:24Bass Trip - Paul Ramsier: Sahara Rainforest (Zoo of Dreams III)
4Jon Øivind Ness: Gust12:02
5Mario Lavista: Dusk5:23
6Henrik Hellstenius: Ombra Della Sera16:12Bass Trip - Henrik Hellstenius: Ombra Della Sera
7Lars Petter Hagen: Hymn5:47
8Stefan Schäfer: L'Adieu6:26
9PĂŤteris Vasks Bass Trip11:18Bass Trip - Pëteris Vasks Bass Trip