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Catalog Number: PSC1257
Label: Simax
Format: CD

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Stale Kleiberg (1958-)

Requiem for the victims of Nazi persecution

Catherine King, mezzo
Noemi Kiss, Soprano
Christian Hilz, baritone
The Choirs of Washington National Cathedral
Washington National Cathedral Chamber Orchestra
Michael McCarthy, director

Recorded at the Washington National Cathedral, June 2004

Norwegian composer Stale Kleiberg has succeeded in writing a piece that is a fitting tribute to the victims of the Holocaust; a piece that holds its head up high, without any over-sentimentalising of events which were so unspeakable they need nothing but a truthful telling.

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Track ListingTimeMP3
1Requiem aeternam6:20
2Die irae6:37
3The Yellow Triangle: Jews6:24KLEIBERG: Requiem - SACD - The Yellow Triangle: Jews
5The Brown Triangle: Gypsies4:28
6Agnes Dei3:27KLEIBERG: Requiem - SACD - Agnes Dei
7The Pink Triangle: Homosexuals5:36
8Psalm 137:14
9Libera me3:23KLEIBERG: Requiem - SACD - Libera me
10In paradisum2:40