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HALVORSEN: Stage Music Vol 2

HALVORSEN: Stage Music Vol 2

Catalog Number: PSC1199
Label: Simax
Format: CD

Available: 3
Price: $15.99

Categories: Orchestral Music
Classical Periods: Classical

Composers: Johan Halvorsen
Directors: Terje Mikkelsen
Performers: Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

Johan Halvorsen (1864-1935): Stage Music, Vol. 2

Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
Terje Mikkelsen, conductor

Track ListingTimeMP3
The King
1Symphonic Intermezzo8:14
2Dance of the Shepherdesses2:21
3Elegy3:18HALVORSEN: Stage Music Vol 2 - Elegy
5Dance of the Bajader4:27
6Still Life, Dance and Bacchanalia5:51HALVORSEN: Stage Music Vol 2 - Still Life, Dance and Bacchanalia
7Hymn to Brahma4:40
9Tordenskjold goes into Action5:08HALVORSEN: Stage Music Vol 2 - Tordenskjold goes into Action
10Funeral March3:31
11Festival March4:34