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BYRD SONG: Phantasm

BYRD SONG: Phantasm

Catalog Number: PSC1191
Label: Simax
Format: CD

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Byrd Song: Phantasm

Songs and consorts by William Byrd (1543-1623)

Phantasm, founded in 1994, quartet:
Laurence Dreyfus, treble violin, conductor
Wendy Gillespie, tenor violin
Jonathan Manson, tenor violin
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, bass violin

Geraldine McGreevy, soprano
Ian Partridge, tenor

Track ListingTimeMP3
1La Verginella2:28
2Fantasia a 42:18
3Rejoice unto the Lord3:04
4In fields abroad5:27
5Fair Britain Isle6:39
6Though I be Brown4:17
7O Lord how vain7:42
8In nomine No. 1 a42:28
9In nomine No. 2 a 42:21
10Susanna fair2:27
11My Mistress had a little dog6:47
12Though Amaryllis dance in green4:59
14Ye Sacred muses4:14