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BEETHOVEN: Complete Orchestral Music, Vol. 4

BEETHOVEN: Complete Orchestral Music, Vol. 4

Catalog Number: PSC1182
Label: Simax
Format: CD

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Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Complete Orchestral Music, Vol. 4
Symphony NO. 7
Egmont Music

Swedish Chamber Orchestra
Thomas Dausgaard, director
Henriette Bonde-Hansen, Soprano
Georffrey Cox, oboe
Anders Hemstrom, trumpet

The Seventh is certainly one of the most joyous and unclouded of the Beethoven's symphonies, and a reminder that his genius was not always a tortured or even an introverted one. Beethoven's American biographer Maynard Solomon states that: "To those Viennese who heard the first performance of the was patiently connected with the victory over Napoleon and the joyous inauguration of a long awaited peace."
No doubt the Egmont Overture is most familiar to us from Beethoven's music to Goethe's "Egmont", but there is in fact music to the whole play: Four Entr'actes, a melodrama in which Egmont is imprisoned and awaiting his execution, a Victory Symphony, and two songs for Egmont's mistress; Clara. In this recording Clara is beautifully interpreted by the Danish soprano Henriette Bonde-Hansen.

Track ListingTimeMP3
Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Opus 92
1Poco sostenuto - Vivace13:40
3Presto8:45BEETHOVEN: Complete Orchestral Music, Vol. 4 - Presto
4Allegro con brio8:07
The Complete Egmont Music, Opus 84
6No. 1 Lied2:52BEETHOVEN: Complete Orchestral Music, Vol. 4 - No. 1 Lied
7No. 2 Zwischenmusik I2:44
8No. 3 Zwischenmusik II4:15
9No. 4 Lied1:33BEETHOVEN: Complete Orchestral Music, Vol. 4 - No. 4 Lied
10No. 5 Zwischenmusik III3:45
11No. 6 Zwischenmusik VI2:47
12No. 7 Klarchens Tod Bezeichnend2:30BEETHOVEN: Complete Orchestral Music, Vol. 4 - No. 7 Klarchens Tod Bezeichnend
13No. 8 Melodrama2:49
14No. 9 Siegessymphonie1:24