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Catalog Number: PPC9047
Label: Pro Musica
Format: CD

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Price: $15.99


Works of: David Monrad Johansen, Per Lasson, Alf Hurum, Odd Gruner-Hegge, Klaus Egge, Gunnar Gjerstrom, Eyvind Alnaes

Kjell Baekkelund (1930-2004), piano

Bækkelund's repertoire covered most of the history of piano repertoire, though he was especially fond of the romantic composers. Chopin and Schumann were particular favourites, and Brahms and Debussy also featured frequently on his recital programmes. And yet Bækkelund's name is equally associated with modern music. He considered it his responsibility to perform contemporary works. Firstly he wanted to contribute to a wider acquaintance with international modernistic music among Norwegian audiences. Thus works by Boulez, Stockhausen and others received performances in Norway. Even more important to him, however, was to perform music by Norwegian composers, both in Norway and abroad. Many important works of the Norwegian modernism - such as Finn Mortensen's Fantasi og fuge for klaver and Arne Nordheim's Listen - were performed all over the world by Bækkelund.

As well as being concerned with modernistic music Bækkelund was also anxious to play music by composers with a more traditional musical language. He realized that many composers of the 1920s and 30s were in danger of being forgotten, and he saw to it that works by these composers were performed.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Per Lasson:Crescendo3:09
David Monrad Johansen: From Gudbrandsdalen, Opus 9
2Nar brure gjekk gjenom porthuse ve kyrkja2:37
3Vetl-gjenta pa Stusnes (Banlat)1:41BAEKKELUND: Crescendo - Vetl-gjenta pa Stusnes (Banlat)
4Salest hua ghaetl-guten i Lom ette gamalt2:12
5Dei som drog i krigen i 18071:26
6Gjaetarvise1:05BAEKKELUND: Crescendo - Gjaetarvise
9Alf Hurum: Miniature3:03BAEKKELUND: Crescendo - Alf Hurum: Miniature
10Odd Gruner-Hegge, Intermezzo2:01
11Klaus Egge: Vals Dolce, Opus 1 No. 13:11
Gunnar Gjerstrom: from Pianosuite
12Arie5:56BAEKKELUND: Crescendo - Arie
Eyvind Alnaes: from 10 pianostykker over Norske folkeviser, Opus 39
14Herr Gudmund3:31
15Aasmund Fregdegjaevar4:03BAEKKELUND: Crescendo - Aasmund Fregdegjaevar
16Aa Ola, Ola, min eigen onge2:33
17Jeg lagde mig saa sildig5:04
18Odd Gruner-Hegge:Elegi2:23BAEKKELUND: Crescendo - Odd Gruner-Hegge:Elegi