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SYDNEY GUITAR TRIO: One hour to Madness and Joy

SYDNEY GUITAR TRIO: One hour to Madness and Joy

Catalog Number: NC465357-2
Label: New Classical
Format: CD

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Price: $13.99

Categories: Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century, Modern

Performers: Sydney Guitar Trio


One Hour to Madness and Joy

All Tracks are World Premiere Recordings

The Sydney Guitar Trio is one of the most exciting new ensembles to hit the classical guitar scene from Australia in recent years. Their repertoire concentrates on music almost entirely written for them by Australian composers including Philip Houghton, Richard Charlton, Roland Chadwick to name but a few. Never afraid to explore new ground, The Sydney Guitar Trio, with works like the Divine Guitar by Richard Charlton have revolutionised what is possible for the classical guitar trio genre.

Track ListingTimeMP3
Richard Charlton
1Gifts of the Rain Gods7:32
Phillip Houghton: A Masque for Lady Nothing
2Fanfare0:38SYDNEY GUITAR TRIO: One hour to Madness and Joy - Fanfare
3Bonsai Garden1:59
4Tinker's Dance1:34
5Le Tombeau de Juliet1:30
6The King's Blue Frog Galliard0:43
7Lover's Dance1:19
8Spanish Spaniards Pilfer Portuguese Parrots0:57
Richard Charlton: The Divine Guitar
9Introduction and Charon, the ferryman of Acheron3:41
10Phlegethon, the fiery river2:21
11The Descent to the Frozen Lake2:59
12The Gate and the Island Mountain5:16SYDNEY GUITAR TRIO: One hour to Madness and Joy - The Gate and the Island Mountain
13The Song of the Spheres4:09
Amanda Handel
14Half-Moon of Gold4:06
Phillip Houghton: Suite of Six Trios
17Becoming Water1:47
Roland Chadwick: One Hour to Madness and Joy
21"O Savage and Tender Achings"3:26
22"O furious! O confine me not!"3:36SYDNEY GUITAR TRIO: One hour to Madness and Joy - "O furious! O confine me not!"
Alan Holley