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Roland Chadwick: The Revealing (guitar)

Roland Chadwick: The Revealing (guitar)

Catalog Number: NC465357-1
Label: New Classical
Format: CD

Available: 8
Price: $13.99

Categories: Chamber Music, Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century, Modern

Composers: Roland Chadwick
Performers: Roland Chadwick

Roland Chadwick - Guitars
The English Chamber Orchestra
The New Britten String Quartet
Roland Gallery and Vincent Lindsay Clark - Guitars

All titles composed by Roland Chadwick except * by Richard Charlton

Roland Chadwick is one of today's most talented, versatile and farsighted Guitarist/Composers. There is no musical territory that Roland Chadwick has not explored and his first major release on New Classical Records, The Revealing recorded with the English Chamber Orchestra is exactly what the title suggests, a revealing of this man's massive talent.

Track ListingTimeMP3
Mandolin Concerto No1. in G
Mandolin and Strings
1(i) Hunting TuneRoland Chadwick: The Revealing (guitar) - (i) Hunting Tune
2(ii) Prayer
3(iii) Dance and Ballade
Letter from LA
Classic Guitar Trio
4(i) Lost Angels
5(ii) Santa MonicaRoland Chadwick: The Revealing (guitar) - (ii) Santa Monica
6(iii)Sunset Strippers
7(iv) Oscars Last Stand
Carabella Suite
Steel String Guitar, Slide Guitar, Strings and Percussion
8(i) ToarminaRoland Chadwick: The Revealing (guitar) - (i) Toarmina
9(ii)Blue Beguine
10(iii) Commuter Cowboys
Three Kisses for Jenny
Strings, Harp and Percussion
11(i) Jennys Jump
12(ii)The Brides Embrace
13(iii)Clog Dance
Quintet in A*
Classical Guitar and String Quartet
16(iii) Allegro Agitato

"(Roland Chadwick's Mandolin) emerged as an untamed folk instrument with reserves of raw energy few would have suspected even existed." Classical Guitar Magazine

"Roland Chadwick is a virtuoso guitarist and justly deserved the standing ovation that his performance received." La Fiama - Italy

". a solid performance which proved that he has great technical ability. His compositional vision explores sound effects and travels through complex melodic lines full of musical colour. He showed yet again his lyricism and virtuosity." Excelsior - Mexico

"Roland Chadwick's Guitar produced an exquisitely delicate web of sound as attractive as Spanish Lace" Sydney Morning Herald

"Mr Chadwick showed class, virtuosic technique, musicality and depth of feeling. Thunderous applause, repeated calls for encores from an enthusiastic audience who it seemed, could not get enough of this great talent" Settegiorni - Italy

"This Australian guitarist succeeded in astonishing the audience with his considerable technical ability and impressive interpretative accomplishments. Roland Chadwick showed himself to be a virtuoso and at the same time a musician of an almost romantic temperament." Corriere di Torino