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English Song: John Carol Case

Catalog Number: HTG297
Label: Heritage
Format: CD

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Categories: Vocal Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century, Romantic

Composers: Arthur Somervell, George Butterworth, Sir Edward Elgar
Performers: John Carol Case

English Song: John Carol Case

Works of Somervell, Butterworth and Elgar

John Carol Case, baritone
Daphne Ibbott, piano

ARTHUR SOMERVELL (1863-1937) MAUD (Tennyson)
1. I hate the dreadful hollow
2. A voice by the cedar tree
3. She came to the village church
4. O let the solid ground
5. Birds in the high Hall-garden
6. Maud has a garden
7. Go not, happy day
8. I have led her home
9. Come into the garden, Maud
10. The fault was mine
11. Dead, long dead
12. O that ‘twere possible
13. Epilogue: My life has crept so long

14. Loveliest of trees
15. When I was one-and-twenty
16. Look not in my eyes
17. Think no more, lad
18. The lads in their hundreds
19. Is my team ploughing?

EDWARD ELGAR (1857-1934)
20. Twilight, Op. 59 No. 6 (G. Parker)
21. Clapham Town End (Trad. ed. Percy)
22. The River, Op. 60 No. 2 (‘P.D’Alba’)
23. The Shepherd’s Song, Op. 16 No. 1 (B. Pain)
24. Modest and Fair from The Spanish Lady (Jonson)
25. Still to be neat The Spanish Lady (Jonson)
26. Rondel, Op. 16 No. 3 (Longfellow, after Froissart)
27. O Salutaris Hostia (ed. Percy Young)

Born in 1923, Case came relatively late to singing, only beginning his studies after his voice had broken at 14. In 1942, he became a choral scholar at King’s College, Cambridge, initially as a countertenor and later as a baritone. He was called up in 1943, but in 1945 returned to Cambridge, graduating two years later. Initially struggling to find work as a singer, Case took up an appointment as director of music at King’s College School in Wimbledon. There he met Ralph Vaughan Williams, and in 1948 sang his Fantasia on Christmas Carols under the composer’s direction. This began a close friendship and active musical collaboration, with Case recording many of Vaughan Williams’ works. After the composer’s death in 1958, Case gave the premiere of the last of his Songs of Travel, which had been discovered among his papers. From the late 1950s, Case devoted his energies exclusively to singing. The composer Gerald Finzi was a decisive influence on Case’s early career, steering him in the direction of English song. Elgar was another important composer for Case. The songs featured here demonstrate a natural fluency in Elgar’s idiom, aided as ever by Case’s lyrical phrasing and immaculate diction. Arthur Somervell’s song cycle Maud had fallen from favour in the years following the war, but Case was an ardent champion of the work, and his regular performances brought it back to public attention. Case made a fitting farewell to the stage with a performance of the St Matthew Passion at Leith Hill in 1976. He then turned his attentions to teaching, first at the Birmingham School of Music and later at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Among his pupils during this period was the soprano Leslie Garrett. He became involved in singing competitions, adjudicating for the English Song Award and the Kathleen Ferrier Awards.