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Bliss Conducts Bliss

Bliss Conducts Bliss

Catalog Number: HTG221
Label: Heritage
Format: CD

Available: 12
Price: $11.99

Categories: Orchestral Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Sir Arthur Bliss
Directors: Sir Arthur Bliss
Performers: London Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra

Sir Arthur Bliss

A Colour Symphony
Introduction and Allegro
London Symphony Orchestra

Music for Strings
Philharmonia Orchestra

Sir Arthur Bliss, director

Track ListingTimeMP3
A Colour Symphony
1Purple, the colour Amethysts, Pagaentry, Royalty and Death (Andante Maestoso)6:38
2Red, the colour of Rubies, Wine, Revelry, Furnaces, Courage and Magic (Allegro vivace)6:50
3Blue, the colour of Sapphires, Deep Water, Skies, Loyalty and Melancholy (Gently flowing)9:50
4Green, the colour of Emeralds, Hope, Youth, Joy, Spring and Victory (Moderato)7:44
Music for Strings
5Allegro moderato, energico8:12
6Andante, molto sustenuto - Poco allegretto - Tempo l9:30
7Allegro molto - Andante moderato - Allegro con spirito - Allegro molto - Presto6:35
8Introduction and Allegro