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A CEREMONY OF CAROLS by Benjamin Britten

CHRISTMAS MUSIC by Andrews, Bennett, Carter, Holst, Howells Leighton, Johnstone, Joubert, Wishart and Warlock
sung by
The Choir of New College Oxford
directed by Edward Higginbottom

The tradition of singing began at New College in 1379 when the College was itself founded. The sixteen choristers of the foundation have remained constant in number to this day. The choir's repertoire including it's recorded repertoire is very large indeed, comprising over forty recordings in the time of its present director, Edward Higginbottom, who has been associated with the college since 1976.

Track ListingTimeMP3
Britten:A Ceremony of Carols
1Procession - Hodie Christmas natus est1:34
2Wolcum Yole!1:28
3There is no rose2:26
4That younge child1:54
5Balulalow1:21A CEREMONY OF CAROLS - Balulalow
6As dew in Aprile1:07
7This little babe1:25
8Interlude (harp)3:52
9In freezing winter night3:27
10Spring carol1:10A CEREMONY OF CAROLS - Spring carol
11Deo gracias1:23
12Recession - Hodie Christmas natus est1:34
13Herbert Howells: Long, Long Ago5:18
14Richard Rodney Bennet: Out of your sleep2:04
Gustav Holst: Four Old English Christmas Carols
15A babe is born2:30A CEREMONY OF CAROLS - A babe is born
16Now let us sing2:14
17Jesu, Thou the Virgin-born3:11
18The Saviour of the world is born2:06
19Kenneth Leighton: Lully, lulla, thoulittle tiny child3:21
20Peter Warlock: Bethlehem Down4:05A CEREMONY OF CAROLS - Peter Warlock: Bethlehem Down
21Rich Rodney Bennet: What sweeter music can we bring3:43
22John Joubert: There is no rose2:41
23H. Diack Johnstone: I sing of a maiden4:03
24H.K. Andrews: Before dawn2:38
25Andrew Carter: There is no rose3:39A CEREMONY OF CAROLS - Andrew Carter: There is no rose
26Peter Wishart: Alleluya, a new work is come on hand2:30
27John Joubert: Torches1:48