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A Treasury Of English Keyboard Music - Gerald Gifford

A Treasury Of English Keyboard Music - Gerald Gifford

Catalog Number: CRD3357
Label: CRD Records
Format: CD

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A Treasury Of English Keyboard Music

played by Gerald Gifford - Harpsichords and Organ

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Italian Harpsichord (Venetian , 16th Century)
1Orlando Gibbons : Prelude (from Parthenia, 1612)1:37
2Martin Peerson : The Fall of the Leafe (from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, 1609/19)1:55
3John Wilbye : The Frogge (Galliard) (from Clement Matchett's Virginal Book, 16121:58
4Anon : The Prince's Masque ; The Shepherd ; The Queen's Masque
(from Anne Cromwell's Virginal Book, 1638)
Shudi / Broadwood Harpsichord c1775
5Maurice Greene : Lesson in D major (from A Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord,
2nd Book,
c1775) Allmand - Minuet - Courant - Minuet (and 2 variations)
6James Hook : Lesson XXIII (Larghetto) (from Guida di Musica, Op. 37, c.1785);
Lesson II (Allegro) (from Five Lessons for the Harpsichord, c1767)
7William Crotch : Andante and Variation (from Sonata III in Eb) (from Three Sonatas
for the Piano-Forte or Harpsichord,
8Anon : The Norwich Minuet (1766)1:16
St, Michael's Church, Framlingham, Suffolk - Thamar Organ (1674)
9Robert White : In Nomine (Source : The Mulliner Book, c1550)2:25
10John Amner : Three versus on 'O Lord in Thee is all my trust' (Source : New York
Public Library, Drexel MS 5612)
11Charles Quarles : A Lesson or Voluntary (Published by B. Goddison, London c1790)
Allegro - Minuet (Slow)
12William Boyce : Voluntary I (from Ten Voluntaries for the Organ or Harpsichord
pub. posth. c1785) Larghetto - Vivace
13William Jones : Piece IX (from Ten Church Pieces for the Organ, 1789)
Andante - (Allegro)
14Charles Burnay : Cornet Voluntary (from VI Cornet Pieces ... Proper for young
Organists and practitioners on the Harpsichord,
15James Hook : Voluntary in C minor (Published by C. Wheatstone, London, c1815)
Allegro -Moderato (Fuga)