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Catalog Number: BMCD319259
Label: Antes Edition
Format: CD

Available: 7
Price: $16.99

Categories: Chamber Music, Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Otto Freudenthal
Performers: Detlef Tewes, Otto Freudenthal

Otto Freudenthal

Sudden Fire

Detlef Tewes, mandolin
Otto Fredudenthal, piano

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Sudden Fire (2003) for madolin and piano2:16
2Sudden Fire II (2003) for madolin and piano3:40
3Memory of Ashendon (1980) for strings8:35
4Toccata from Suite for Paino (1990) piano solo3:47FRUEDENTHAL: Sudden Fire - Toccata from Suite for Paino (1990) piano solo
5Salamander (2003) for mandolin and piano2:29
6Maud van thienen (2000) for piano solo5:37
7Three Episodes I (1993) for mandolin solo2:31
8Three Episodes II (1993) for mandolin solo2:02FRUEDENTHAL: Sudden Fire - Three Episodes II (1993) for mandolin solo
9Three Episodes III (1993) for mandolin solo2:08
10Danza Viva (2000) for mandolin and piano1:30
11Siciliano (2000) for mandolin and piano2:13
12On the Beach (2008) for mandolin and piano2:02FRUEDENTHAL: Sudden Fire - On the Beach (2008) for mandolin and piano
13Study (1992) for pinao solo5:06
14Allegro (2008) for mandolin and piano4:03
15In Highgate Cemetery (1984) for strings15:34