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REZNICEK: Tanz-Symphonie, Balletmusik, Walzerzwischenspiel

REZNICEK: Tanz-Symphonie, Balletmusik, Walzerzwischenspiel

Catalog Number: BMCD319222
Label: Antes Edition
Format: CD

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Categories: Orchestral Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century, Romantic

Composers: Emil Niklaus von Reznicek
Directors: Manfred Mussauer
Performers: Donau Philharmonie Wien

Emil Niklaus Von Reznicek (1860-1945)

Balletmusik and Walzerzwschenspiel from the opera Donna Diana

Donau Philharmonie Wien
Manfred Mussauer, director

Today, Reznicek is remembered mainly for the overture to his opera Donna Diana, composed in 1894. The overture is a popular stand-alone piece at symphony concerts and also served as the theme for the American radio (1947-1955) series Challenge of the Yukon, which later migrated to the TV series (1955-1958) Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. It was also used in the 1950s on the BBC's Children's Hour by Stephen King-Hall for his talks on current affairs.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Polonaise, Tempo di Polacca, poco maestoso13:31
2Csardas, Adagio12:55REZNICEK: Tanz-Symphonie, Balletmusik, Walzerzwischenspiel - Csardas, Adagio
3Landler, Tempo di Landler7:39
4Tarantella, Allegro vivace15:22REZNICEK: Tanz-Symphonie, Balletmusik, Walzerzwischenspiel - Tarantella, Allegro vivace
5Ballettmusik from the opera "Donna Diana"4:20
6Walzerzwischenspiel from the opera "Donna Diana"4:12REZNICEK: Tanz-Symphonie, Balletmusik, Walzerzwischenspiel - Walzerzwischenspiel from the opera "Donna Diana"