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FONTYN: Piano Works

FONTYN: Piano Works

Catalog Number: AUL66150
Label: Aulos MusiKado
Format: CD

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Price: $15.99

Jackqueline Fontyn (1930-)

Piano Works

* Robert Groslot - piano
** Philippe Terseleer - piano
***Piano Duo Shoko Hayashizaki - Michael Hagemann
****Robert Groslot and Daniel Blumenthal - piano

Jacqueline Fontyn was born in Antwerp on 27th December 1930. At the age of five she began to take piano lessons from Ignace Bolotine. She studied musical theory and composition in Brussels under Marcel Quinet. Her musical education continued in Paris with Max Deutsch and later in Vienna, where she studied conducting with Hans Swarowski. She graduated in composition at the Royal Chapel of Queen Elisabeth of Belgium.

She has won numerous international prizes and awards for her compositions.

Track ListingTimeMP3
2I Risoluto2:37
3II Vivace2:09FONTYN: Piano Works - II Vivace
4III Commodo2:41
6Le Gong6:45FONTYN: Piano Works - Le Gong
Hamadryades (for piano four hands)***
7I Sospeso3:13
8II Cantabile2:50
9III Vivacissimo2:16FONTYN: Piano Works - III Vivacissimo
10IV Maestoso3:11
12Ballade*8:05FONTYN: Piano Works - Ballade*
Spirales (for two pianos) ****
14I Commodo4:53
15II Vivo4:11FONTYN: Piano Works - II Vivo
16III Fluido4:04
17IV Grave4:44