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TELLER: Motetta Brevia de Tempore

TELLER: Motetta Brevia de Tempore

Catalog Number: ALI057-2
Label: Aliud
Format: CD

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Price: $16.99

Categories: Vocal Music
Classical Periods: Baroque

Composers: Marcus Teller
Directors: Hans Leenders
Performers: Studium Chorale

Marcus Teller (1682-1728

Motetta Brevia de Tempore
for choir, soloists, strings and bass continuo

Studium Chorale
Hans Leenders, director

Marcus Teller, son of Hendrick Teller and Cornelia Janssen, was baptized as ‘marcus henrici teelder’ on 17 December 1682 in St. Nicholas in Maastricht. The family name of Teller also appears in the archives as Tellers, Teelder, Teelers, Telders, or Tellder.

The surviving works of Teller consist of two printed editions and a number of manuscripts. In 1726 the collection Musica sacra stylo plane Italico & Cromatico was published as opus 1 by Joannes Lotter in Augsburg. It was dedicated to the canon Arnold Hyacinthus Wynants, provost of St. Servatius and neighbour of Marcus Teller’s parents at the Grote Looiersstraat.

Besides the nine motetta brevia pro tempore recorded here, the print contains two missae solemnes for four soloists, four-part choir and instruments.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Si qua est consolatio6:32
2Confitemini Domini5:39
3Exurgat Deus5:26
4Insurrexerunt in nos inimici nostri5:35
5O Jesu lux5:38
6State sistite4:42
7Sonent citharae6:13
8O benigne Salvator5:54
9O Domine illumina6:08