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De Croes: Concerto for Clarinet & Partias

De Croes: Concerto for Clarinet & Partias

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Label: Aliud
Format: CD

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Henri Joseph De Croes (1758-1842)

Concerto for Clarinet

World Premiere Recording

Vlad Weverbergh, clarinet
South-west German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim
Sebastian Tewinkel, director,/p>


World Premiere Recording

Vlad Weverbergh & Jaan Bossier, clarinet
Diederik Suys & Sander Geerts, viola
Jan Buysschaert, Double bass

In the late 18th Century, the Thurn and Taxis family of Regensburg was not only well-placed aristocracy, but also held the monopoly on the post and carriage trade in Europe. Karl Anselm, the fourth sovereign of Thurn and Taxis, was a music lover, and he made his court orchestra into one of the most known in Europe. Thanks to the influence of his famous father, Henri Jacques De Croes, from Antwerp, Henri Joseph De Croes (Brussels 1758 �" Regensburg 1842) began to play violin in this orchestra when he was just seventeen years old.

The Regensburg court orchestra played a central role in the development of the clarinet in the second half of the 18th Century. The orchestra could count many different talented clarinettists in its midst, as well as other musicians who also played clarinet as their second instrument. The court library’s rich collection contains no less than 36 clarinet concerti from the second half of the 18th century, including works by Johann Stamitz, Johann Zach, Theodor Freiherr von Schacht, Vaclav Kněžek and Henri Joseph De Croes, among others.

Track ListingTimeMP3
Concerto for Clarinet
4Andante 8 nr 61:22
5Andante 16 nr 15:39
6Allegro 30 nr 31:01
7Adagio 30 nr 13:59
8Adagio 30 nr 41:36
9Allegro 28 nr 121:03
10Andante 8 nr 21:30
11Adagio 30 nr 62:11
12Andante con variazione 16 nr 83:21
13Menuetto 8 nr 53:23
14Andantino 30 nr 112:57
1529 nr 11:53
16Allegro 16 nr 122:46
17Allegro 8 nr 31:31
18Allegro 8 nr 13:35
19Allegro 8 nr 91:31
20Andante 8 nr 41:40