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CHANSONS: Ciconia - Dufay

CHANSONS: Ciconia - Dufay

Catalog Number: ALI047-2
Label: Aliud
Format: SACD hybrid

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Ensemble Fortuna

Johannes Ciconia (1370?-1412)
Guillaume Dufay (1397?-1474)

Fortuna - Early Music in Context Fortuna is the ambassador of Ars Nova of the Low Countries, the pinnacle of musical refinement in the 14th Century. Ars Nova was and still is music which draws on a strong artistic self-awareness; Fortuna makes this music recognizable and enjoyable for the modern audience. By embodying the esprit of the 14th century without losing sight of our own time, Fortuna infuses a historical setting with living musical expression which does justice to the music, the craftsmanship of the composers and the modern audience: Early Music in Context.

Track ListingTimeMP3
2Fabri; Die mey so lieflie 2:12
3Dufay: Je me complains1:58
4Mon chier amy6:38
5Anon.: Cheulz qui volent3:12
6Dufay: Adieu ces bons vins de Lanoys2:58
7Navre je suis2:07
8Ce jour de l'an1:56
9Ciconia: Aler m'en veus3:51
10Fabri: Ach Vlaenderen vrie3:44
11Anon: Ave Maria Stella2:06
12Ciconia: Ligiadra donna4:44
13Landini: Che cosa e quest' Amor? 3:52
14de Caserta: Piu chiar che'l sol3:12
15Ciconia: Gli atti col danqar3:06
16Dufay: La belle se siet2:29
17Dona i ardent ray2:44
18Landini: Amor in huom gentil3:30