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ASHEIM: Broken Line

ASHEIM: Broken Line

Catalog Number: ACD5044
Label: Aurora
Format: CD

Available: 5
Price: $15.99

Categories: Chamber Music, Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Nils Henrik Asheim
Performers: Vertavo String Quartet

Nils Henrik Asheim (b. 1960)

Nils Henrik Asheim (b. 1960) combines a strong grip on the overall form with a fascination for details stringed loosely together. His music is original and challenging, but at the same time it strikes many people at home – playful yet serious. In the title work Broken Line Asheim describes playing techniques with words such as rust, grey, stone and flame. Music that stops in order to present its surface, freezes, can paradoxically give a simultaneous feeling of depth. In the violin/cello piece Navigo the each player control the order of the various components, not knowing what the other musician is planning. In Chase this idea is continued: dividing a string sextet into two trios. In Nicht, on the other hand, the composer is totally in control over all the parameters – all the way. Asheim has also, himself well known also as an improviser, inspired the Vertavo to go beyond the written music on this recording – in the miniatures entitled x1–x5.

Track ListingTimeMP3
4Broken Line13:36