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KLEIBERG: The Bell Reef

Catalog Number: ACD5032
Label: Aurora
Format: CD

Available: 4
Price: $15.99

Categories: Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: Classical

Composers: Kleiberg
Directors: Christian Eggen, Elvind Aadland,, Rolf Gupta
Performers: Trondheim SymphonTroy Orchestra


Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Elvind Aadland, Conductor
Rolf Gupta, Conductor
Christian Eggen, Conductor

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Lamento: Cissi Klein in memoriam14:37
Kammersymfoni (Symphony No. 2)
2I Tempo Rubato8:08
3II Finale9:19
The Bell Reef (Symphony No. 1)
4I Departure7:15
5II Shipwreck6:22
6III The Bell Reef10:36