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ADDERLEY: Bad Language

ADDERLEY:  Bad Language

Catalog Number: ACD5031
Label: Aurora
Format: CD

Available: 2
Price: $15.99

Categories: Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: Modern

Composers: Mark Adderley
Directors: Thomas Rimul
Performers: Ensemble Ernst

Mark Adderley(1960-)

Bad Language
Collision for Piano and Percussion
Undecipered Tremors for Viola and Percussion
Bass Substances for Double Bass and Tuba
Cloud of Unknowing

Ensemble Ernst
Thomas Rimul, conductor

Track ListingTimeMP3
Bad Language (4 of 6 movements)
1Third movement9:48
2First movement6:55ADDERLEY:  Bad Language - First movement
3Second movement5:08
4Fourth movement5:58ADDERLEY:  Bad Language - Fourth movement
5Collision for Piano and Percussion14:34
6Undeciphered Tremors for Viola and Percussion10:55ADDERLEY:  Bad Language - Undeciphered Tremors for Viola and Percussion
7Bass Substances for Double Bass and Tuba12:46
8Cloud of Unknowing15:28ADDERLEY:  Bad Language - Cloud of Unknowing