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Sculthorpe: Complete Works for Solo Piano - 2CD

Sculthorpe: Complete Works for Solo Piano - 2CD

Catalog Number: ABC4811181
Label: ABC Classics
Format: CD

Available: 2
Price: $17.99

Categories: Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Peter Sculthorpe
Performers: Tamara Anna Cislowska

Peter Sculthorpe (1929-2014)

Complete Works for Solo Piano

Tamara-Anna Cislowska, piano

2CD digipak, with 20-page booklet including extensive liner notes.

The complete solo piano music of Australia’s most revered composer. Peter Sculthorpe, who died in August, is widely acknowledged as the first Australian composer to leave behind the traditions of Britain and Europe, and create a distinctively Australian music. His unique compositional voice was inspired by the land and the history of Australia, and by the cultures of our Pacific Basin neighbours. This double-CD album begins with the exquisite Falling Leaves, written when Sculthorpe was just 16, and concludes with the vivid and ambitious Riverina, his final work for solo piano. With the tracklist compiled in collaboration with the composer, the recording includes every published piece as well as previously unpublished, unrecorded and even unperformed works.

CD1 (1945-1981)

1 Falling Leaves 2 Nocturne [No. 1] 3 Short Piece No. 1 4 Short Piece No. 2 5 Prelude to a Puppet Show 6 Evocation 7 Epigram 8 Siesta 9 Slow movement from Sonata No. 1 10 Aboriginal Legend Sketch 11 Untitled 12 Nocturne (Seascape) 13 Nocturne [No. 5] 14-16 Sonatina 17-18 Sonata for Piano 19 Haiku 20 Sea Chant 21 Left Bank Waltz 22-26 Night Pieces 27 Landscape 28 Koto Music I 29 Koto Music II 30 Mountains

CD2 (1986-2011)

1 Djilile 2 Callabonna 3 Nocturnal 4-8 The Rose Bay Quadrilles 9-13 Simori 14-19 A Little Book of Hours 20 Harbour Dreaming 21 Song for a Penny 22 Sometimes When I’m Dreaming 23 Little Passacaglia 24-28 Riverina