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Tedeschi: Tender Earth - Australian Music For Piano

Tedeschi: Tender Earth - Australian Music For Piano

Catalog Number: ABC4810960
Label: ABC Classics
Format: CD

Available: 1
Price: $15.99

Categories: Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Bill Risby, Evan Lohning, Kevin Hunt, Mark Isaacs, Mike Nock
Performers: Simon Tedeschi

Simon Tedeschi

Tender Earth

Australian Music for Piano

Works by Evens, Hunt, Isaacs, Risby, Nock and Lohning

Simon Tedeschi, piano

Track ListingTimeMP3
2Nock: Morning Reverie3:18
3Isaacs: Tender Earth4:06
4Nock: Closet in the Skeleton2:47
5Isaacs: Nocturne3:26
6Lohning: Evanshually5:58
7Isaacs: Have One More4:49
8Nock: Wanaka Dreaming4:42
9Risby:Prepare to be6:22
10Isaacs: Waltz3:01
11Hall: A Natural Sequence20:11