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WESTLAKE: Compassion

Catalog Number: ABC48106783
Label: ABC Classics
Format: CD

Available: 2
Price: $14.99

Categories: Orchestral Music, Vocal Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Lior, Nigel Westlake
Directors: Nigel Westlake
Performers: Lior, Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Nigel Westlake (1958-)

Symphony of Songs

Lior, vocals
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Nigel Westlake, conductor

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Sim Shalom - Grant Peace7:28
2Eize Hu Chacham? - Who Is Wise?5:25
3La Yu'minu - Until You Love Your Brother4:18
4Inna Rifqa - The Beauty Within4:55
5Al Takshu L'Vavchem - Don't Harden Your Hearts4:45
6Ma Wadani Ahadun - Until the End of Time7:57
7Avinu Malkeinu - Hymn of Compassion5:57