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Catalog Number: ABC4810219
Label: ABC Classics
Format: CD

Available: 2
Price: $11.99

Categories: Orchestral Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Barry Conyngham
Directors: John Hopkins
Performers: Australian Youth Orchestra

Barry Conyngham (1944 -)


Australian Youth Orchestra
John Hopkins, director

Track ListingTimeMP3
Vast l: The Sea
1l. From under the Sea5:09
2ll. Within the Reef4:42
3lll. To the Breakers5:31
Vast ll: The Coast
4l. From the Shoreline7:00
5ll. Within the Forest1:24
6lll. To the Mountains6:29
Vast lll: The Centre
7l. Prelude1:42
8ll. For Violin6:21
9lll. For Cello3:20
10lV: For Viola3:15
11V. For Double Bass4:06
12Vl. Postlude1:52
lV: The Cities
13l. From Energy3:01
14ll. Within Structures8:19
15lll. Toward Stars4:49