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Bearing the Bell - The Hymns of Thomas Tallis

Bearing the Bell - The Hymns of Thomas Tallis

Catalog Number: ABC4766484
Label: ABC Classics
Format: CD

Available: 1
Price: $15.99

Categories: Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: Renaissance

Composers: Thomas Tallis
Performers: Andrew Robson, James Greening, Sandy Evans, Steve Elphick

Thomas Tallis

The First Tune
The Second Tune
The Third Tune
The Fourth Tune
The Fifth Tune
The Sixth Tune
The Seventh Tune
The Eighth Tune

Andrew Robson, alto and soprano saxophone
Sandy Evans, tenor and soprano saxophone
James Greening, trombone, pocket trumpet
Steve Elphick, double bass

Ancient melodies renewed and recreated for the present day

In the spirit of Jan Garbarek's bestselling Officium with the Hilliard Ensemble comes Andrew Robson's Bearing the Bell - the Hymns of Thomas Tallis.

In an extraordinary merging of styles across the ages, Robson joins forces with three of the finest and most respected jazz musicians in Australia - Sandy Evans, James Greening and Steve Elphick - to explore and interpret the hymns of English Renaissance composer Thomas Tallis.

By transforming the haunting and mesmerizing melodies of Tallis, Andrew Robson engages with the hymns at the deepest and most profound level. Robson says he had "always loved the sound and simplicity (often deceptive) of traditional English church music, and felt that with the right repertoire, arrangements and musicians it might be possible to make a very beautiful musical statement."

The result is an inspired musical collaboration traversing nearly half a millennium! Destined to become a classic, the album will garner acclaim for its beauty, exquisite arrangements and sheer genius of expression.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1The First Tune6:29
2The Second Tune7:13
3The Third Tune3:47Bearing the Bell - The Hymns of Thomas Tallis - The Third Tune
4The Fourth Tune3:53
5The Fifth Tune3:29
6The Sixth Tune5:42Bearing the Bell - The Hymns of Thomas Tallis - The Sixth Tune
7The Seventh Tune3:40
8The Eighth Tune4:11
9Ordinal3:06Bearing the Bell - The Hymns of Thomas Tallis - Ordinal