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CARMICHAEL: Solo Flights

CARMICHAEL: Solo Flights

Catalog Number: ABC4766191
Label: ABC Classics
Format: CD

Available: 3
Price: $15.99

Categories: Instrumental Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: John Carmichael
Performers: Antony Gray

John Carmichael (1950-)

Solo Flight

Anthony Gray, piano

When John Carmichael's Sea Changes was released on ABC Classics in 2004, it created widespread interest in this major Australian composer. Based in London since the 1950s, the Melbourne-born septuagenarian's extraordinary gift for melody, together with his immense compositional craft, creates music of beguiling simplicity and immediate audience appeal.

Now, Carmichael's fellow-expatriate Australian, the pianist Antony Gray, has recorded his compatriot's piano music in a stunning CD that reveals the full range of Carmichael's poetic gifts. Entitled Solo Flights, it includes an astonishing array of moods and styles, from the 'Bravura Waltzes' at the opening, through homages to Liszt, de Falla, Poulenc, Faure and Ravel, and with the Gothic horror of 'From the Dark Side' contrasting with the buoyant rhythms of the 'Latin American Suite'.

Track ListingTimeMP3
Bravura Waltzes
1Introduction - Waltz l (Nostalgic)2:06
2Waltz ll (Capricious)4:25
3Waltz lll (Demonic)3:19
4Waltz lV (Finale)1:12
5Spider Song2:11CARMICHAEL: Solo Flights - Spider Song
Latin American Suite
10Bahama Rumba (Caribbean)2:15CARMICHAEL: Solo Flights - Bahama Rumba (Caribbean)
11Obsession - Habanera (Cuba)2:36
12Joropo (Venezuela/Colombia)4:28
Damon Suite
14Shadow Waltz2:22
15Arabesque1:48CARMICHAEL: Solo Flights - Arabesque
17Gestorter Traum - d'apres Franz Liszt5:01
18Manuel da Falla3:45
19Francis Poulenc1:51
20Gabriel Faure3:29CARMICHAEL: Solo Flights - Gabriel Faure
21Maurice Ravel2:34
From the Dark Side
22The Secret Ceremony3:20
23Before Nightfall3:11
25Dance with the Devil3:50CARMICHAEL: Solo Flights - Dance with the Devil