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An Australian Christmas

An Australian Christmas

Catalog Number: ABC4765791
Label: ABC Classics
Format: CD

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Price: $15.99

William G. James
Australian Christmas Carols

Ross Edwards
Five Carols from Quem Quaeritis

Elliott Gyger
Ring Out, Wild Bells

Stephen Whittington
Puer natus in Bethlehem

Malcolm Williamson
This Christmas Night

Anne Boyd
The Burning Babe

Peter Sculthorpe
Awake, Glad Heart

Andrew Ford
Wassails and Lullabies

Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir
Antony Walker, conductor
David Miller, piano (1-3,5-13,15,23)
Anne Cooke, soprano solo, semi-chorus
Kerith Fowles, alto solo, solo quartet
Josie Ryan, soprano solo
Matthew Baker, bass solo, solo quartet
Maree Tyrrell, semi-chorus
Gary Brewer, semi-chorus
Lionel Hudson, semi-chorus
Maria Kutra, solo quartet
Robert Boyd, solo quartet
Brian Nixon, drum, percussion
Ian Cleworth, percussion
Rebecca Lagos, percussion

Track ListingTimeMP3
William G. James
Australian Christmas Carols
Set I
1Carol of the Birds1:08
2The Silver Stars Are in the Sky2:06
3Christmas Day1:35
4The Three Drovers1:27
5Christmas Bush for His Adorning1:18
Set II
6The Day that Christ Was Born On1:46
7Sing Gloria1:36
8The Little Town where Christ Was Born2:23
9Christmas Night2:19
10Noel-Time1:46An Australian Christmas - Noel-Time
11The Christmas Tree1:11
12Our Lady of December2:48
13Golden Day1:53
14Counrty Carol2:50
15Merry Christmas1:53
Ross Edwards
Five Carols from Quem Quaeritis
16Fader of Hevene1:39
17Hail! Quene of Heven1:54
18The Lorde that lay in Assa Stalle1:39
19Now the Most High is Borne3:57
20Nowell in Bethlehem1:52An Australian Christmas - Nowell in Bethlehem
Elliott Gyger
21Ring Out, Wild Bells2:35
Stephen Whittington
22Puer natus in Bethlehem1:34
Malcolm Williamson
23This Christmas Night2:47
Anne Boyd
24The Burning Babe2:09
Peter Sculthorpe
25Awake, Glad Heart2:59
Andrew Ford
Wassails and Lullabies
26The Song of the Nuns of Chester3:23
27The Corpus Christi carol (refrain)0:44
28The Gloucesterschire Wassail1:18
29The Corpus Christi carol (verse and refrain)0:39
30This Endris Night2:47An Australian Christmas - This Endris Night
31The Corpus Christi carol (verse and refrain)0:46
33The Corpus Christi carol (verse and refrain)0:35
34Percussion Interlude - The Coventry Carol3:19
35The Corpus Christi carol (2 verses and refrain)0:56
36The Board's Head Carol1:14
37The Corpus Christi carol (verse and refrain)1:10