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Instrumental Music: piano sonatas, organ works, harpsichord works, etc.

Instrumental Music

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC would be any music composed for, or performed on, a musical instrument (or anything else which is not a human voice), and would include piano sonatas, organ works, harpsichord works, etc.

Instrumental Music

The extraordinary variety of instrumental music encompasses every epoch of human history. It is interesting to note that, although it seems logical to assume that the larger the ensemble the more powerful the impact of the music, this is not the case.

Many pieces for solo performer (Bach ‘cello suites, Beethoven piano sonatas), or small ensembles (Schubert string quartets) can have the just as great an emotional impact upon the listener as pieces written for the orchestra.

Some works written to be performed in one medium have become more famous in arrangements to a different medium.

For example, Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”, originally composed for the piano, is much better known in the orchestral arrangement written by Maurice Ravel.

In the modern age, whole new dimensions of music making are being explored through the use of computers, and other alternative methods.

On of the classic works in this genre would be George Antheil’s Ballet Mecanique (written in 1924), scored for three xylophones, four bass drums, tam-tam (ie. gong), two pianists, seven electric bells, a siren, three airplane propellers and sixteen synchronized player pianos!