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Chamber Music: piano trios, string quartets, wind quintets, etc.

Chamber Music Chamber Music

CHAMBER MUSIC is music and especially instrumental ensemble music intended for performance in a private room or small auditorium and usually having one performer for each part.

Chamber Music can be piano trios (for piano, violin and ‘cello), string quartets (2 violins, viola and ‘cello), wind quintets (flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon), and other similar compositions.

Chamber Music is much more intimate both in texture and in performance than orchestral pieces.

Much, if not most, chamber music was and is written for the enjoyment of the performers, as an afternoon’s or evening’s entertainment, and does not even require a listening audience.

Yet many great composers (such as Brahms) were able to write music just as, or even more, powerful and moving for these small ensembles as they did for great orchestras.